About Us

The company “Sterodima and Associates” was founded in 1975 by Konstantinos Sterodimas and continues its successful course to this day. Under the management of Maria Sterodima, our aim is a further dynamic development in the field. The headquarters of our company is located in Agia Paraskevi, Attica.

Our Clients

We see our clients as partners and we grow as they grow. Our clients consists of domestic and foreign companies. These businesses include a wide range of activities such as hotels, factories, construction companies, short-term rental companies (Airbnb), non-profit organizations, commercial and service companies, investment fund management companies, shops, freelancers, etc. The annual turnover of these companies ranges from approximately €25,000 up to €8,000,000.

Top-End Accounting

Our team consists of 14 in-house accountants while we also work with external consultants such as auditors, legal advisors, financial advisors, fund management experts, investment consultants and special consultants for subsidy and grant programs. We have also developed a strong network of service partners in areas of marketing, retailing and visual merchandising.

Our company uses subscription banks of tax information for complete and valid management of laws and regulations. However it is worth noting that 47 years of service in the field gives us the experience to provide tax and accounting services of a high level.

Sterodima Marο

Graduated from the University of Piraeus

Business Administration, Accounting department
Accounting and tax license  A class,

Registration No. 0116769 / 2018

MSc in Investment Management, City University London

Insurance Consultant, Registration No. 39626 / 2002

Στεροδήμα Μάρω
Screenshot 2023-11-03 at 3.06.33 PM

Athanasopoulou Katerina


Graduated from A.T.E.I. Patras

Accounting department

15 years of experience 

Screenshot 2023-11-03 at 1.05.58 PM

Voutsadaki Anna


Graduated from Panteion University

Department of Economic and Regional Development

12 years of experience 

Βρανά Μάγια

Vrana Maya


Graduated from the University of Western Attica

School of Management and Economics

Department of Accounting and Financial Science

Accounting and tax license A class,

Registration No. 0114476 / 2017

17 years of experience

Γουπίου Ελένη

Goupiou Eleni


Graduated from TEI Mesollogiou

Department of Accounting and Management

22 years of experience

Γρηγοράκη Γιούλη

Grigoraki Giouli


Graduated from the University of Piraeus

Department of Economics

Accounting and tax license A class, 

Registration No. 2568 / 2000

31 years of experience

Καφανταράκη Ρένα

Kafantaraki Rena


IEK accounting graduate

Department of Business Administration

Merchant Navy financial officer

15 years of experience 


Kiori Margarita


Graduated from the Professional Foundation of Zografou and from the University of Western Attica

Computerized Accounting and Tax Office Executive & Automatic Control Systems – IT Department

2 years of experience 

Μπαστούνη Φανή

Mpastouni Fani


Graduated from ATEI of Western Macedonia / Kastoria

Department of Economics

Accounting and tax license B class, Registration No. 0136352 / 2022

17 years of experience

Σασσλόγλου Βίκυ

Sassloglou Vicky


Certified diploma of post-secondary Vocational training

Accounting department

O.E.K. Kontolefa with a scholarship
25 years of experience 

Τσούρα Κατερίνα

Tsoura Katerina


Graduated from ATEI of Thessaly

Department of Accounting & Finance

5 years of experience 


Christopoulou Eleni


Graduated from ATEI of Kalamata

Department of Accounting & Finance

1,5 years of experience 

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